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“All in one” Narcotic Gas Alarm

Last years top seller justgot better... The G.A.S. Plug "All in one" not only protects you against gas attacks and gas leaks, but also has a built in burglar alarm, which can be activated on demand. Just plug G.A.S Plug “all in one” in to your vehicles 12V / 24V socket and be protected. After 4 minutes of self- diagnosis G.A.S plug surveys its surroundings and runs a permanent built in test and the temperature compensation ensures an unobjectionable function even at extreme conditions. *When the G.A.S Plug “all in one” burglar alarm is set, the burglar alarm senses the fluctuation in voltage when the cab door is opened and the internal light comes on. • No installation cost • No adjusting control • LED status control • Intelligent temperature compensation • E1 type approval Alarm level approx 50ppm narcotic gas. Current consumption approx 60mA Power supply 12V/24V *Some of the latest cabs give no power to the ignition when key is in the “off position”, under these circumstances the G.A.S plug “all in one” is normally used in the rear of the motor-home in conjunction with an adapt it. Unfortunately the burglar alarm cannot be used under these circumstances, unless the vehicle wiring is altered.