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Dometic 3000 Toilet (CTS3110 CTW3110)

  • Choose between the CTS or CTW
  • Flush water tank capacity: 19 litre's
  • Colour: White
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 382 x 672 x 500 mm
  • Weight CTS3110 12kg CTW3110 12.5kg
  • Voltage 12V DC
  • Current consumption
    CTS3110 5 A max. with external pump
    CTW3110 2 A max. with internal pump
  • Visual warning signal when the tank has been removed
  • Additional CTW 3110 Features
  • For vehicles without water supply Integrated Flush water tank capacity 7 litre's
  • Tank systems - The tank is on the top of the toilet - not the side
    CTS 3110 uses an external tank, as it has to self prime & lift water from the caravans on board water tank.
    CTW 3110 has a water tank built in with a pump, therefore less battery consumption to supply water.
  • Control panel with level indicator both models ( CTS3110 CTW3110 )
  • Everything under control: The indicator light warns you in good time before the tank level reaches the maximum level.

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