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Ecocamel Jetstream shower head

The Jetstorm E is a good choice if you have low water pressure or a wall mounted electric shower, it doesn't include the flow regulator as electric showers are already low flow devices and if you have low pressure you do not need the flow limited. 
The Jetstorm E features a brand new faceplate and wipe clean rubber nodules to prevent the build up of limescale, while their unique inbuilt Aircore Technology injects air directly into the water stream so you use less water.
"Genuine EcoCamel Jetstorm E showerhead"
Air is Drawn in through the Air intake and mixes with the water.This not only saves water and energy but saves you money too.
SELF DRAINS through the air intake when the shower is off
CLEAN with a soft, damp cloth not chemical cleaners, or unscrew the face plate by hand and wash out limescale build up
DESCALE the spray plate by rubbing the nozzles with your thumb
COMPATABLE with all shower systems including mains operated mixers, combi boilers, power showers and electric showers