Kampa Eco-Friendly Toilet Fluid & Rinse – 1L Refill Pouch

The Kampa Eco-Friendly Toilet Fluid & Rinse Green is a dual action, biodegradable toilet fluid designed for the top flush tank and bottom tank of portable toilets such as the Portaflush loo. This 1 litre top-up eco-pouch reduces plastic by 80% compared with buying a whole new bottle.

This dual-purpose fluid removes the need for two separate products, added to the top flush tank the additive removes odours naturally and leaves a fresh smelling pine fragrance with every flush. When added to the bottom tank, the product actively breaks down all waste and doesn’t weaken when the flush water is added.

The Kampa biodegradable formula lubricates the bowl and improves the function of portable toilets without containing any formaldehyde. So, you can flush it down the normal sewerage system with a clean conscience (and toilet!).


  • NEW Eco-Friendly design and formula
  • Fresh Pine fragrance
  • Dual action - Dissolves waste and removes odours
  • Use as a rinse in the flush water tank and waste tank – no need for two products
  • Biodegradable and environmentally safe
  • pH Balanced, phosphate free, formaldehyde free and not animal tested
  • Not animal tested
  • 80% less plastic

Dimensions: 22cm x 15cm x 11cm
Weight: 1kg

Instructions for Use
Top Tank: Add 50ml of fluid to the flush water compartment and fill with water.
Bottom Tank: Fill with 2 litres of water, then add 125ml of fluid to every 20 litres of bottom tank capacity.