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Zadi RTS Real Time Sensor - Tyre Temperature & Pressure Wireless Control Sensor

Safety depends mainly on tyres, even if we usually forget: they are the only parts on contact between you and the road. Especially on a motor caravan, that often is very close to the weight limit, the monitoring of the tyres is totally important to increase the safety whilst driving.

ZADI RTS is a tyre pressure monitoring system that allows you to know in real time what’s happening inside them, showing you the values of temperature and pressure directly on the display on the dashboard: You will drive thus safe and comfortable to your leisure destination.

Easy to install, ZADI RTS can be mounted on any motor home fitted with tubeless tyres, due to the fact that it is fixed on the wheel trough a special valve supplied with RTS. Data is transmitted in real time to the main unit, to be placed on the dashboard.

Innovative in design, it has a display available in 2 different illumination colour (red and green) in order to combine as the best with the vehicle’s dashboard.

ZADI RTS: everything under control for safe fun.